Digital Asset Management and Cloud Creative Sharing

Manage data like never before 

Imagine a house, which is messed up to an extent that you have to dig into your wardrobes or bed sheets for hours to find the pair of shoes that you want to wear or for that matter, the keys of your own room! Don’t feel like imagining this scenario? Nobody would want to actually. Life is better when everything that you want is accessible to you the moment you need it the most. This real life scenario can be applied to all kinds of processes that require you to be systematic and diligent. When times are changing, from black and white television sets to colourful LCD’s, pagers to smart phones, tons of paper work to computer work, computers to laptops and so on, why stick to age old techniques when it comes to managing your creative assets that are used in the advertising world?

Digital asset management platforms which allow you to store all kinds of files and creatives under a single platform are exactly what will help you solve all your worries. The best part of these platforms is the fact that they can be accessed whenever you want, wherever you want, on your desktops, on or on your mobile phones. Adzuno is one such platform that will help you effectively manage all your data on a cloud. You can also restrict the access to the data based on hierarchies of the organisation. For example higher level management and decision makers will have a different view of the platform whereas employees at the lower level will have a restricted access. Another exciting feature about this platform is that raw data of any format can be stored like text files, images, audios, videos etc. In the advertising world every creative goes through a lot of changes over time after a series of approvals form the concerned authority. In such a scenario it is crucial to handle and manage various versions of the same creative so that there is no confusion. A log of these changes as to when the changes are made and by whom can also be maintained. Digital asset management platforms like Adzuno reduces the time and money spent in administrative processes which can be utilised for creative processes otherwise. The advantage of a having a centralised repository is that you would not have to save the files that you require in different systems, thus eliminating the need to invest in a lot of hardware or storage space. What happens in cloud creative sharing is that you can have a look at them even when you are travelling or in the middle of a meeting!  Secondly these platforms are not just restricted to storing files but can also be shared with your clients which helps you get rid of any possible communication gaps that occurs when files are sent for approvals through emails. A cloud creative sharing software reduces the risk of losing any files and also doesn’t let them go in hands of inappropriate people. Protection of your valuable assets becomes extremely essential and Adzuno is adept with a host of functions that makes sure that your data is intact. Automatic file conversions and intelligent search systems makes these platforms a definite eye candy for every advertiser. Nobody in the organisation can get away with kind of excuse as the logs generated would have timestamps and other details.

Coming back to our earlier anecdote, digital asset management platforms serve the purpose of a caretaker which makes your life so easy that you can focus on things that really matter and not fear about losing important data that means the world to you. Adzuno is here to untangle your tangled processes involved in your organisation for managing and accessing data on the cloud, intelligently.

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