Digital Asset Management and Cloud Creative Sharing

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Manage data like never before  Imagine a house, which is messed up to an extent that you have to dig into your wardrobes or bed sheets for hours to find the pair of shoes that you want to wear or for that matter, the keys of your own room! Don’t feel like imagining this scenario? […]

Online Marketing Platform With Integrated Marketing Software

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Of what value a product or service in the world will be if it is not rendered to the right customer in the right time and place. Every product or service basically comes with a deal to reach the right customer timely and satisfy them. A product which fails to reach the targeted customer in […]

Changing Advertising Industry : Creative Agency Software & Media Agency Software

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The sensuality of competition runs inside human bodies just like the blood running through our veins. Whether it is among individuals in school and colleges, or groups and teams in organizations, or business professionals in private and corporate firms in the market, competition is always in the air. We all wish to excel among ourselves. […]

Social Media in 2020 – The future possibilities

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THE BEGINNING The evolution of Social Media started in year 2003-04 with LinkedIn and Facebook as the main players. It became a buzz in India when Orkut caught up the imagination of those who were net savvy and had an urge for social connections. However, the post recession era saw Facebook and Twitter emerge as […]

Adjetter leads the Indian digital media industry

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Consumers in India are showing increased penchant for products and services that are being marketed using out of the box creativity on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These creative initiatives are not just helping companies to catch potential consumer’s attention but also build and sustain brand loyalty among the existing ones. Innovative digital marketing […]

File Cloud Storage Services and Adbank Advertising Management

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With the advent of Cloud Servers and File Cloud Storage services gone are the times where we were adhered to a very limited access of files and documents stored in our personal computer systems and the threat of losing important files in the slightest mistakes. File Cloud Storage act as a store house for all of […]